Next Generation Alarm Management


Tackling Effective Alarm Management

It’s a situation most devops will find familiar: receiving so many alarms, that they turn into white noise. A flood of notifications, tickets, alerts all disguised as alarms without being critical or relevant to the receiver.

There is a pandemic of alarm fatigue in the IT industry and it is as rampant as it is dangerous. Seeing so many false alarms at once leads to becoming desensitized to these messages.
IT monitoring systems are like the boy who cried wolf too many times – we won’t believe them, when the wolf truly comes.

The solution is as simple as it is obvious: When there is an alarm flood, you need a system to filter the important information from the unimportant and make sure the right people receive the right kind of information. AlarmCloud does just that.

We help you to streamline incoming alerts into different channels, with filters you design yourself and delegate alerts with the necessary information to the right people.

AlarmCloud turns white noise into valuable information you can actually work with and makes sure, that no real alarms go unnoticed.

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Who are the people behind AlarmCloud?

"AlarmCloud" is the passion project of coodoo, a Mainz, Germany based software developement company. Fourteen dedicated programmers have been developing this alarm management tool for the past year to give you the best experience imaginable.

There are many alarm management tools. What makes yours so cool?

Cool people make cool products. As we are developers ourselves, we understand better than anyone what challenges our industry is facing and what we need to work better and smarter.

I'm a special snowflake. Can I also use AlarmCloud?

AlarmCloud is the next generation alarm management tool for devops, IT operators, support managers, business operators and everyone in need of an efficient alarm management tool.

Sounds neat. When is AlarmCloud coming out?

The Beta Version of AlarmCloud is set to be released this summer. Early visionaries can already leave their email to be the first to experience next generation alarm management.

So, what are you guys and gals doing next?

Work, work, work. We will show AlarmCloud Beta to as many people as possible and get feedback. That way the final product will be even more customer orientated and user friendly – and exactly what you need.

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